Gary's Patisserie

Gary's Patisserie started in the summer of 2014. Our first personalized cake is a 5-tier wedding cake, which received a lot of praises. Since then, we decided to continue Gary's passion to create customized cakes tailored to clients' need.  Our products include 3D birthday cakes, wedding cakes, crepe cakes, dairy free cakes, and many Asian and Western Style Pastry.

Gary is a professional chef in both pastry and culinary arts with over 15 years of experience. He had worked in various food industry such as Shangri-La Hotel, Thierry and Saint Germain. He is dedicated, passionate and creative, which allowed him to design personalized cakes for all occasions. 


View our list of Members and their various and unique products. Order online with the option of picking up at GongYou Market.

Market and Pick-up Hours: Monday - Friday 11- 5pm
*Orders will take 2-4 days lead time for pick up