MiJoo SoonDae | 미주순대

미주순대·MiJoo┃Korean Sausage with Bone Broth Soup | 순대탕 (1-2 servings )

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Soondae (aka Korean sausage), is one of the most popular street-food in Korea across all age groups. It is chewy in texture from the sweet potato noodles marinated with ground pork, chives, ginger, and Sauce Man's secret sauces. Soondae Tang is made with gourmet bone broth. 

Add chopped green onions and black pepper as a garnish. 

Mijoo Soondae is made daily with fresh and wholesome local ingredients packed right here in Port Coquitlam, BC. Our products are sold frozen, packaged in vacuum-sealed food safe bags (BPA free) and ready-to-eat by cooking in boiling water. (See cooking instructions).