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미주순대·MIJOO┃Pork Meat with Bone Broth Soup Meal Kit | 돼지국밥 밀키트 (1-2 servings )

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드디어 밴쿠버에 밀키트 돼지국밥 상륙! 

돼지의 뼈와 살코기를 푹 삶아 우려낸 국물에 삶아진 살코기를 썰어 고명으로 넣고 밥을 말아 먹는 음식입니다~착한 가격, 구수한맛! 믿고 구매하세요!

Daeji Gukbap is a popular South Korean soup made with pork, soy sauce, miso, rice wine, sesame oil, and bone broth. When served, the soup is accompanied by a variety of side dishes such as rice, shrimps, onions, noodles, kimchi, garlic, and green peppers, which can all be added into the steaming bowl of soup.