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Something Sweet and Something Savoury Handcrafted Gift Box

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Something Sweet and Something Savoury Gift Box

Is a curated collection of local bakers, Patissiers, Chefs, Makers, Artisans and Entrepreneurs. Showcasing their handcrafted products. A wide selection of unique sweets and treats, savoury goods, sauces, condiments and snacks. A perfect choice for when you can;t make a choice!

What is included: 9 different products from our Members:

Products may vary as we will work with our Members to curate the perfect box!

-Millda Bakery

-Gary's Patisserie

-Nakedough Confections

-Infusion Soy Sauce

-Cmarket Coffee

-Chao Pan

-Luv the Grub

-Sauce Man Enterprises

-Ichthus Sushi

-Meat Chew

-Homayd Foods

-The Phamily Table

-More to come!