Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a strong community of passionate creators who aspire to contribute to the local community through the culinary arts. We aim to cultivate a space that promotes growth and vision to start-up companies by providing the right tools and resources needed to succeed. Through ou rcommissary kitchen, we are fuelling local companies to inspire innovation and creativity and are passionate about supporting small business that will culturally enhance the tricities. 


Our story 

The Gong in GongYou. /gōngyo͞o/

(n.) The effort and hard work put in achieving a goal or completing a job. Or, the merit of a job’s work from reaching a goal.
(n.) A nation or society’s work that is relevant to many people.

Gong refers to hard work and communal success.  Gongyou in Korean means to share, and in our rendition, GongYou Kitchen brings the “YOU” in gongyou alive. GongYou for us, means putting you in the center of our mission and working together towards innovation and creation. 


Our Win-Win Philosophy

We believe that cultivating success in others encourages our success as well. At GongYou Kitchen, we value taking care of each other by creating a community where we all mutually prosper. Therefore, supporting our members is our priority for their success means GongYou Kitchen’s success.